The next meeting of The Club will be taking place at Hay Merchant. Hay Merchant is a part of the Houston Food genius group, Clumsy Butcher, which includes Underbelly, Anvil, The Pastry War, etc. so you already know it’s going to have delicious food. The craft beer selection is one of the best in the city. Let’s just say, it’s going to be a good night.

And now, here’s a bit of a Hay Merchant history lesson for you, about why they are where they are:
Great bars — the kind you’d visit every day if it weren’t for what life throws at you — excel at mirroring their neighborhoods. And for a damn fine beer bar, we couldn’t think of a better Houston borough than Montrose.

Take Westheimer (our beer joint’s street), for example. Houston’s most famous thoroughfare is named after a German immigrant who built Houston’s first public school on his own dime, raised 16 children, spoke six languages, and maintained a large plot of land just west of Montrose. Among his many professions, Westheimer was a hay merchant, and 150 years later, we’d like to think that we’re pushing grains of a different sort.

Learn more about Hay Merchant here: http://www.haymerchant.com/about/


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The next meeting of The Club for Drinking + Eating will be taking place at the dynamic duo, Paulie’s and Camerata, on November 26th.

It’s finally cold outside and what else is The Club craving but some good ole’ “just like mama makes it” Italian food at Paulie’s and wine, wine, and more wine afterward at the perfectly dark and romantic Camerata?! We’ll be putting on our scarves and giving thanks for The Club. Let’s be honest, this will probably out-do any Thanksgiving dinner anyway.

“Chef-owner Paul Petronella, who took over the restaurant from his parents four years ago, has kept the classics and the comfort food that won the place a devoted following… Paulie’s makeover is a textbook case of the collaborative spirit that increasingly informs the city’s restaurant scene.” – Alison Cook, Houston Chronicle

“The staff, lead by Advanced Sommelier/former Uchi beverage director David Keck is sufficiently well-trained to suggest a glass or bottle to suit each patron’s preferences. The wine list (embedded below) currently consists of about 100 bottles, and the by-the-glass list changes daily.” – Eric Sandler, Eater Houston

Learn more about Paulie’s and Camerata here: http://www.pauliesrestaurant.com/


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The next meeting of The Club for Drinking and Eating will take place at the Ea-Do gem, Moon Tower Inn. (Side note: If you haven’t explored the online presence of Moon Tower, we strongly suggest you Google it. You won’t be disappointed.) Moon Tower boasts a broad array of beers, all mysteriously displayed with unlabeled taps, and an even broader array of hot dogs: Rabbit wieners, lamb wieners, buffalo wieners, Wagyu beef wieners, duck wieners.. you get the idea. There are wild game wieners everywhere.

We’ll see you there on October 30th. If you’re thinking about skipping it to prepare for your office Halloween costume contest instead, we strongly suggest you re-think your decision making abilities. The contest has already been won.


And now we give you some additional insight from our very own, Scott Klovans:

The first thing you need to know about Moon Tower Inn is that their Twitter handle is @daddymeatstacks.  Is that the best (and most obscure) Twitter handle ever created by a bar/restaurant?  I would venture to say yes.  I am so infatuated by this Twitter handle that I feel the need to break it down slow and steady with an onslaught of analysis.  Here we go.

Daddy – I like that they start off with a comforting paternal reference.  Don’t worry young chap, daddy’s got you covered.  You need a frosty craft brew on tap?  Daddy can help you out with that too.  What’s that you say?  You didn’t feel that paternal vibe?  “Who’s your daddy?” came to mind didn’t it?  It’s a fair point, and in this case the term daddy gains a bit of an edge.  Who’s your daddy you ask?  Well it’s probably this bitchin’ smothered hot dog, that’s what!  You don’t mess with daddy.  You just don’t.  Moon Tower Inn wants you to know that they care about providing a good time, yet also making it clear that they play by their own rules.  Moon Tower Inn has edge. 

Now that we got some positive energy flowing, let’s move onto the meat of this twitter handle sandwich (walked right into that pun thank you very much).

Meat – I love meat.  Meat makes my world go round.  When I think of food, my mind immediately darts to meat.  Vegetarians and vegans are sissies.  But that’s cool, more meat for me.  If a bar/restaurant is going to include meat in their twitter handle, they obviously mean business.  I wouldn’t name my child Bubba without the utmost confidence that he was going to turn into a lover of cut-up plaid shirts, shotguns and Busch Light.  Moon Tower Inn cares about their meat.  They make some bitchin’ hotdogs smothered in all sorts of goodness (the black pepper catsup is off the hook).  And they definitely don’t stop there.  The burgers are a big, juicy explosion of flavor in your mouth.  Hunger dies at Moon Tower Inn, plain and simple. 

Stacks – WHOA! POWER MOVE!  Why on Earth would you want to have one of something when you could have STACKS of something?  Consume greatness in great quantities.  That’s my new motto in life.  Whether it’s stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks or racks on racks on racks on racks, Moon Tower Inn knows what the people love.  People love beer, and Moon Tower Inn aims to please (with an edge of course) to the tune of 60+ beers on tap.  You like IPA’s?  Want to make a good decision in life?  Give Sneaky Pete’s IPA a whirl.  It’s got the hoppyness of an IPA, but leaves just a smidge of something sweet on your tongue.  You won’t be let down.  And let me remind you ladies and gentlemen, any good evening should result in stacks of empty beer cups.  So bring your big girl drinking panties (aka a diaper).

There we have it.  Everything you need to know about Moon Tower Inn expressed through their highly memorable, often misunderstood Twitter handle.  Tell your friends, RSVP to the club, and make it happen.  See ya there!





The next club event will take place at a hidden little gem in the middle of Chinatown — Mala Sichuan. For those unfamiliar, it’s pronounced “mah-la sess-shwan” or at least that’s how we all say it around here. They’ve got spicy things, really spicy things, pig intestine things, chinese things, these super super spicy peppercorn things that hurt your mouth, beer things… you get the idea. It’s good stuff.

“In fact, kung pao chicken is one of the most radically spicy dishes on Mala’s menu. If you study the mélange of boneless dark meat chunks, peanuts, and red chiles in your bowl, you’ll notice some little star-shaped fragments that look like cloves. These are the Sichuan peppercorns, and when you bite into one, you might taste citrus, mint, licorice, or all of the above. In a minute or so, the tip of your tongue will begin to simultaneously tingle and go numb. The more you eat, the stronger the buzz…  it’s my favorite restaurant in Chinatown. And that’s saying a lot.”
- Robb Walsh, Houstonia

If I’m being honest, and The Club promotes honesty, I don’t remember what day we planned this event for. And I’m actually writing this blog post after we’ve already been. So if you wanted to come, it’s too late anyway.

Find out more about Mala Sichuan here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mala-Sichuan-Bistro/186616358058028


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Bobby Heugel is at it again — creating great bar spaces in Houston. And we don’t hate it! Our next club meeting is to take place on the evening of Tuesday, the 27th of August and we’ll be exploring the grand tequila heaven, The Pastry War. The spot claims the best margarita ever, and we plan to test that theory thoroughly.

 ”I was just surprised at how good we were actually able to do it. The key was putting more tequila in, which isn’t good for our pricing and whatever, but it’s the way to make it right.” -Bobby Heugel via Culture Map

“You won’t have to be an agave nerd to feel comfortable at the Pastry War, which is named for a brief and slightly surreal 1838 dustup between France and Mexico. (It started with the looting of a French pastry shop and went downhill from there.) Heugel and Alba Huerta, who will be a partner in the bar, want to make sure the bar works on two levels: one quick and easy and very casual, the other geared for the customer who wants to explore agave spirits in their many guises.” -Alison Cook, Houston Chronicle

Bring on the salt and limes — The Club is going tequila tasting. Also, we may or may not make a late-night bonus round appearance at Goro & Gun. After all the margaritas and mezcal, we’ll need some delicious ramen and okra to fill our drunk bellies.

Find out more about The Pastry War here: https://www.facebook.com/ThePastryWar